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A person who represents himself or herself in a case. A person who is not a party who files reports or other documents in a case (e.g., a court-appointed physician or psychologist).
A person filing or responding to a case on behalf of a company, sole proprietorship, partnership, association, and/or corporation. Note: Active members of the State Bar should file as attorneys, not as businesses.
An attorney, professional law association, corporation, or partnership that is authorized to practice law.
A law firm with one or more attorneys who are authorized to practice law.
Also, a person employed by an attorney or law firm who is authorized to file on behalf of the licensed attorney (e.g., a paralegal).
CONNECTICUT ONLY: To register as an attorney with the Probate Court eFiling system, an attorney MUST first be registered with Judicial Branch eServices. Please verify that your contact information (email and mailing address) is correct in eServices before continuing. If you update your eServices information, please wait 24 hours before registering with the Probate Court eFiling System.
A person or attorney authorized to represent a governmental body charged with administering and implementing legislation that is required to pay application fees or filing fees under state law. If you are not sure whether you are non-exempt, contact the court where you plan to file.
A person or attorney authorized to represent a federal court, or a state, county, or city governmental body charged with administering and implementing legislation, that is NOT required to pay application fees or filing fees under state law. If you are not sure whether the organization you represent is exempt, contact the court where you plan to file. Note: Not applicable in Connecticut.
AVAILABLE ONLY IN ARIZONA. A person who is qualified according to individual state laws (including certification or registration where required) to serve all process, writs, orders, pleadings, or papers required or permitted by law for service before, during, or independent of a court action.
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04/05/2019 - Intelligent, Guided eFiling Now Available for Superior Court Civil Cases Statewide!
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99% of New Hampshire self-represented litigants eFile using TurboCourt in the NH Courts!

April 05, 2019 Intelligent, Guided eFiling Now Available for Superior Court Civil Cases Statewide!

TurboCourt at NACM - Solving 8 Common Court Challenges Today... and Prepare for Tomorrow as well

February 07, 2019 The TurboCourt Team will be attending the 2019 NACM Midyear Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas. Let’s meet for a one-on-one discussion and learn how you can transform your court with Intelligent Filing!

New and improved TurboCourt look and feel launched Monday, August 13.

August 12, 2018 New and improved TurboCourt look and feel launched Monday, August 13

New and improved TurboCourt look and feel launched Monday, August 13.

August 12, 2018 New and improved TurboCourt look and feel launched Monday, August 13.

New and improved TurboCourt look and feel launched Monday, August 13.

August 12, 2018 New and improved TurboCourt look and feel launched Monday, August 13

Arizona Announces Mandatory Civil e-Filing for Gila, Greenlee, and Yuma County Superior Courts

August 01, 2018 Arizona Announces Mandatory Civil e-Filing for Gila, Greenlee, and Yuma County Superior Courts

Arizona Announces Mandatory Civil e-Filing for Gila, Greenlee, and Yuma County Superior Courts

July 31, 2018 Arizona Announces Mandatory Civil e-Filing for Gila, Greenlee, and Yuma County Superior Courts

Civil e-filing available in Apache County Superior Court.

June 05, 2018 Civil e-filing available in Apache County Superior Court.

Yavapai and Mohave Courts Going Live with AZTurboCourt e-Filling

August 04, 2017 On August 7th you will be able to begin e-file in both courts! More to come.
AZTurboCourt is continuing to offer a series of online training webinars for both filers and administrators, INCLUDING a new Payment Training Webinar available now. These webinars are free, can be accessed from any computer anywhere, and are both instructive and interactive.

How to Create an Interactive, Online Traffic Court

February 23, 2017 Process high-volume transactions faster, generate higher revenue & enhance services.

AZTurboCourt Training Webinars:

February 07, 2017 Register Now - Learn everything you need to know to prepare and electronically file documents for initiating and subsequent AZ Civil filing actions.

See The Solution Helping IV-D Agencies Win Nationwide

August 03, 2016 At the NCSEA 2016 Leadership Symposium in New Orleans, LA, attendees saw live demonstrations of TurboKIDZ, the solution that helped Los Angeles County (the Nation’s Largest IV-D Agency) win 2016 California Child Support Directors Association (CSDA) Outstanding Program Award!

TurboCourt Powers New Hampshire Judicial Branch to Win Top 10 Technology Award 2016

July 21, 2016 We proudly congratulate the New Hampshire Judicial Branch (NHJB) on receiving the Top 10 Technology Solutions Award as a result of its implementation of the TurboCourt iFiling solution for self-represented litigants. The award was presented to NHJB by the National Association for Court Management (NACM) at the NACM Annual Meeting on July 12, 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Texas Continues Statewide Roll-Out of TurboCourt iFiling for Uncontested Divorces

May 19, 2016 The eyes of Texas are upon TurboCourt as the iFiling roll-out continues to expand statewide.

TurboKIDZ Helps Contra Costa Win Outstanding Program Award

May 13, 2016 With help from TurboKIDZ iFiling technology, Contra Costa County, CA Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) was honored with the 2016 Outstanding Program Award at the Child Support Directors Association of California (CSDA) Annual Conference. This Award recognizes Contra Costa County for consistently exemplifying quality child support services to its constituency and community.

iFiling or eFiling: What Are The Differences & Why It’s Important For Your Court

February 09, 2016 In the last few years, electronic court filing has emerged as the new frontier for filing cases online. However, many court officials don’t realize they are missing an important industry advancement if they settle for ONLY efiling. efiling systems that do not significantly accommodate court’s complex legal and business environments, are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Fortunately, there is an industry advancement that boosts e-filing to the next generation; one that is specifically designed to aid filers (self-represented individuals in particular), court staff and IT departments in a single, advanced package. It’s called iFiling: TurboCourt’s award-winning court filing technology that uses intelligent, interactive, interviews (thus “iFiling”) and XML data exchanges to create a new court filing frontier.

How Innovative Probate Court Technology Helps Grieving Families in Times of Need

December 03, 2015 Navigating through a Probate Court during these highly emotional times can add a lot of additional stress to a grieving family. Probate court cases can be complicated and complex, filled with confusing legal processes, multiple forms to complete, and voluminous documents to file. Most probate matters require several trips to the courthouse before your case can even be filed! The good news is advanced technology has been developed to assist Probate filers. TurboCourt provides a new way to interact with Probate Courts: Probate  i-Filing: Intelligent, Interactive and Integrated Probate Court Filing Technology.


Why Court Teams & SRLs Love Electronic Filing (And You Should, Too!)

August 17, 2015 In today’s do-it-yourself-economy, people are empowered to manage nearly every aspect of their lives. The explosion of e-commerce, in part, led to a dramatic increase in the number of people choosing to represent themselves in legal cases (aka: self-represented litigants, SRLs, or self-represented filers). This proliferation of untrained, self-representing filers has caused major challenges for courts: increased labor required to verify and correct forms, mountains of paperwork, case processing delays, long wait times at counter counters and on telephones, and even security concerns from frustrated filers.

Automated court tools such as Intelligent Interactive Guided Interviews that generate more accurate and complete SRL forms for traditional and e-filing is a proven way to solve these increasing SRL volumes — ensuring legal compliance and reducing court operational costs. See why court teams & SRLs love e-filing, and so will you!

Arizona's Pima County Superior Court Announces Mandatory Civil e-Filing

May 14, 2015 AZTurboCourt continues expanding online services, by announcing mandatory e-filing for attorneys filing civil case types in Pima County, AZ (the 2nd most populous county in the state). Effective April 20, 2015 for attorneys whose firm name begins with the letters A-M.   Effective May 26, 2015 for those whose firm name begins with letters N-Z.

Challenges Facing California Courts With Increased SRL Caseloads… And How To Solve Them!

April 27, 2015 Court systems across the country, and California Courts in particular, have experienced an explosion in the volume of unrepresented or “self-represented” persons appearing in court. Data shows that in California, 91% of small claims, 81% of landlord/tenant disputes, and 35% of family law case types involve at least 1 self-represented person.

With the volume of pro se litigants on the rise, and severe staffing cuts, California Courts are experiencing a crisis serving self-represented litigants. This situation demands an alternative approach to processing the expanding SRL caseloads. Read more...

Ground Breaking Services for Florida Domestic Violence Victims

April 14, 2015 TurboCourt's Domestic Violence / Protection From Abuse (DVPFA) service is a groundbreaking, internet-based tool for victims of domestic abuse or stalking in Florida, allowing submission of all petitions and draft orders remotely. This type of filing is free for domestic violence petitioners.  The program was started in early 2015 as a pilot site, and TurboCourt is proudly expanding statewide throughout Florida. Read more...

First Texas Courts to Accept Uncontested Divorce e-Filing

March 12, 2015 Travis, Cameron and Williamson County District Courts become the first Texas courts to electronically accept uncontested divorce filings, powered by TurboCourt, Certified by EFSP. Statewide Rollout Underway! Read more...

Maricopa County, Arizona Superior Court Expands with Two New e-Services

January 26, 2015 Noted as one of the smoothest releases yet, with no service interruptions, Superior Court of Maricopa County enables e-Filing for Tax Cases & Process Servers, improving services and lowering costs. And there's even more e-government services coming soon.

Click here to read more project updates.

Courts Across The Country Expand Partnerships with TurboCourt (Dec 17, 2014)

December 31, 2014 As 2014 closes, TurboCourt is full steam ahead, adding new e-Court products and court clients across the nation, enhancing access to justice and increasing staff productivity. And there's even more coming soon. Click here
 for a partial list of jurisdictions that have recently expanded or are actively expanding their TurboCourt solution. When Courts choose to expand their TurboCourt platform, we know we've done our job right, providing a best-of-breed e-Court solution to our valued clients and their constituents.

Read full article here

TurboCourt eFiling premiers in Travis County District Court Clerk, Texas

December 21, 2014 Interactive Divorce Forms Now Available for Travis County Residents

Austin, TX – December, 18, 2014 – Travis County District Clerk Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza announced today her office can now accept uncontested divorce filings prepared electronically via TurboCourt™, the newest e-filing service provider for Texas courts.

Click here to

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