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A person who represents himself or herself in a case. A person who is not a party who files reports or other documents in a case (e.g., a court-appointed physician or psychologist).
A person filing or responding to a case on behalf of a company, sole proprietorship, partnership, association, and/or corporation. Note: Active members of the State Bar should file as attorneys, not as businesses.
An attorney, professional law association, corporation, or partnership that is authorized to practice law.
A law firm with one or more attorneys who are authorized to practice law.
Also, a person employed by an attorney or law firm who is authorized to file on behalf of the licensed attorney (e.g., a paralegal).
CONNECTICUT ONLY: To register as an attorney with the Probate Court eFiling system, an attorney MUST first be registered with Judicial Branch eServices. Please verify that your contact information (email and mailing address) is correct in eServices before continuing. If you update your eServices information, please wait 24 hours before registering with the Probate Court eFiling System.
A person or attorney authorized to represent a governmental body charged with administering and implementing legislation that is required to pay application fees or filing fees under state law. If you are not sure whether you are non-exempt, contact the court where you plan to file.
A person or attorney authorized to represent a federal court, or a state, county, or city governmental body charged with administering and implementing legislation, that is NOT required to pay application fees or filing fees under state law. If you are not sure whether the organization you represent is exempt, contact the court where you plan to file. Note: Not applicable in Connecticut.
AVAILABLE ONLY IN ARIZONA. A person who is qualified according to individual state laws (including certification or registration where required) to serve all process, writs, orders, pleadings, or papers required or permitted by law for service before, during, or independent of a court action.
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Arizona - Small Claims

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minimizeFiling Information

For more information about eFiling please visit: http://www.azcourts.gov/efilinginformation

Arizona’s Justice of the Peace courts are currently participating in two pilot projects designed to reduce the time to disposition of small claims cases.  If you are attempting to file into one of the participating courts, you must file your documents in paper at the court. You will not be able to prepare your documents through AZTurboCourt.

1.  If you are filing a small claims action in any of these courts please refer to Appendix A of Administrative Order 2018-01 authorizing the pilot project.  

Casa Grande Justice Court, Pinal County

Maricopa-Stanfield Justice Court, Pinal County

2.  If you are filing into any Justice of the Peace court in Maricopa County, please refer to Appendix C of Administrative Order 2018-104 authorizing the pilot project. Further instructions for filing into these courts is provided in the following document: SC Pilot Litigant Information


AZTurboCourt will help you to create documents that can be filed with the court.

AZTurboCourt ofrece formularios en inglés solamente. Para formularios en español, favor de visitar el centro de autoservicio en: http://www.azcourts.gov/elcentrodeautoservicio.

Select the county where the claim arose (i.e., where the accident happened, or where the work took place, etc.) or the defendant resides or does business.

The small claims division of the justice court provides a quick and informal way to resolve civil disputes for money damages up to $3,500.00. In small claims, the rules are simplified and the hearing is less formal. The person who files the claim is called the plaintiff. The person who the claim is filed against is called the defendant. A lawyer cannot represent parties in a small claims case unless both parties agree.

Parties do not have a right to appeal in small claims nor are jury trials allowed. If a party wishes to assert their right to appeal, they must file their claim in the civil division of the justice court.

If you wish to file a lawsuit for over $3,500.00, but for less than $10,000.00, you may file a civil lawsuit in the justice court.

If you wish to file a lawsuit for $10,000.00 or more you must file your lawsuit in the superior court.

IMPORTANT: THIS IS A PRINT SERVICE ONLY APPLICATION. Documents are generated based on responses to a set of questions and the filer is required to print, sign and deliver the documents to the court. These forms will not be electronically filed. An application fee is charged for the creation of the documents. The court filing fees are paid at the court.

You MUST have the following to complete this filing:

Credit/Debit card to pay for any application fees. There are fees charged for the use of this service. These fees are not subject to Fee Waivers or Deferrals. If you have an active Fee Waiver or Fee Deferral and do not wish to continue and pay the fee, you will not be able to proceed with this service.  Please contact the court for other filing options.

¹ Subject to service availability. Some restrictions may apply.      
* Required information.

Get Acrobat Reader Forms produced by this system are in Acrobat PDF file format. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, you can download the free reader software from the Adobe Systems site. This site will provide the program and instructions for installation on your computer.

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